Daniel Chatelain, Managing Director of The BayPay Forum will speak on a panel in San Francisco at ACG

Daniel Chatelain, the Managing Director of The BayPay Forum, will speak with other senior executives from the Banking and Fintech industry about

THE FINTECH REVOLUTION: How Can the Financial Services Industry Benefit from the Rise of Digital Disruption?

The Event is organized by ACG, the Association for Corporate Growth.

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How Can the Financial Services Industry Benefit from the Rise of Digital Disruption?

Guest Moderator:
Sean Minnihan, GCA Savvian
Managing Director and Global Head of Financial Technology

Expert Panelists:
Vishal Ranjane, Protiviti
Managing Director – Risk and Compliance

Edward (EJ) Achtner, Bank of America
Head of Digital Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships

Nima Ghamsari, Blend Labs, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Kaushal Pandia, Bank of the West

Head of Digital, Wealth Management

Daniel Chatelain, The BayPay Forum
Managing Director


Our expert panelists will discuss the opportunities, threats and the disruptive effects that dramatic technology change, shifts in customer expectations and the regulatory response to the financial crisis have had on the financial services industry. We will explore some of the considerations financial institutions should take into account to successfully position and compete with the new breed of hyper-competitive players. In doing so, we will cover innovation and its intrinsic correlation with agility as well as explore recent developments in growth markets. We will conclude with a few thoughts on the ingredients required for a stable financial environment, focusing more specifically on the role of regulators and the constant struggle to achieve the ideal balance between innovation and regulation.

It is clear from all these interactions that the industry faces an unprecedented series of threats:

* New, agile and hitherto largely unregulated players are emerging and are disintermediating the traditional incumbents

* Regulation is making it harder to innovate and grow

* Legacy strategy, infrastructure and thinking are preventing the existing players from responding aggressively to these threats * Potential partnerships between  traditional banks and FinTech firms.


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Event Details:

Check-in/Networking: 5:00pm
Panel Discussion: 6:15pm
Closing Remarks: 7:30pm

Registration Fees:
ACG Member/Guests: $50
Early Stage Company Executives: Complimentary
Non-Members: $75

For further information, please contact:
ACG San Francisco, Inc. - Rich Brown, Chapter Executive
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel. 415. 213-5729

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