Panelist - David Lott - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta - Bio


David Lott, Payments Risk Expert at Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

David's Bio:

Dave Lott is a Retail Payments Expert with the Retail Payments Risk Forum of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and has more than 35 years of experience in the Retail Banking and Payments industries. As part of the team at the Retail Payments Risk Forum, Dave works with payments stakeholders in researching payment systems and products, focusing on risks and mitigating strategies. A key area of focus for his present work is customer, transaction and data security issues. As such, Dave has done considerable work with the wide range of card and payment technologies including biometrics, tokenization and encryption for cards, mobile devices including tablets, phones, other payment form factors, and their various delivery channels including ATMs, ecommerce and call centers. Dave works with representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston in facilitating the meetings of the Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup. He is a representative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in several inter-agency and intra-Federal Reserve System working groups.


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